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Floor Padding

Floor cushion advice and reviews. Large floor cushions, pillows, covers, platforms, and more.

The right type of floor padding is necessary for any high traffic area of your home, to protect the area, and in some cases to protect your feet.  You’ll find that adding the right type will extend the life of carpeting, or a rug, and ensure that the area is properly protected from any amount of high traffic that you can throw at it.  But what’s more, the right floor padding can be a necessity when it comes to creating your own home workout station.

One of the most important factors when it comes to floor padding, is figuring out the type of pad that you need, depending upon the situation.  There are different types of padding that are ideal for different uses, and you want to choose the one that’s most adaptable to your needs.  You wouldn’t want to use the same pad that’s ideal for working out, in your living room, as that just wouldn’t be very visually attractive.  It’s all about matching the one that you choose, to the area in which it will be used, so that you can find the perfect combination to protect your floors, and to do so while still being a beautiful addition.

When it comes to the right type of living room floor padding, for high traffic areas, you’re going to want a rug with a pad combination.  Choosing a nice rug allows the area to look much nicer, and more dressed up so that you can’t tell your real aim is to protect the carpeting, or hardwood floor underneath.  You will want to choose a high quality and high traffic rug however, otherwise any type that you choose can be worn down, even with a pad.  Then you’ll want to choose a good rubbery type of floor padding, that’s ideal for holding the rug in place, and also absorbing most of the impact.  Try and go as thick as possible, so long as it doesn’t ruin the look of your floor, so that you can ensure that both the rug and floor stay as pristine as possible.

When it comes to working out, the right type of floor padding can be very different.  Here you want something that’s ideal for protecting your entire floor, so that you don’t damage or scratch the area, but so that you can also get the padding you want to workout in total comfort.  For that, you want a workout mat, that’s capable of giving you the support you need.  Plus, the advantage of this type of floor padding, is that you’re able to simply roll out your mat, and then roll it right back up once you’re done, so that it takes up practically no space in your home.

You can typically find rug pads of all different kinds at most department stores.  Through retailers like Walmart or Target, you can find the ideal rug pad, so that you can keep the high traffic areas of your home looking pristine, year round.  While sporting goods stores like Sports Authority are going to be your best bet for finding floor padding that’s geared for working out in comfort.