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Floor Cabinet

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A floor cabinet can be a fantastic addition to your home, not only for providing more space for storage, but also to present a completely new look to any room.  They are stylish and elegant stand alone cabinets, that can be used for storing any type of item, or for putting a collection on display.  In fact, whatever task you have in mind, there’s an ideal cabinet for you.  All you have to do is find the one that you need, so that you can add the ideal floor cabinet to your sitting room.

The way that every floor cabinet is designed is fairly similar, no matter which type you choose.  All feature a few shelves, and are capable of standing alone in any corner, or along any wall.  All feature doors like a real cabinet, so that you’re able to hide away books, belongings, and anything else of the sort.  But some even feature transparent glass doors, that allow you to protect your items, but ensures that they are easy to see, so that they can be on display.  This can be a great way to protect a collection of knick knacks, while still allowing them to be viewed at any time.

There are also a variety of different types of floor cabinet designs to consider when you’re looking for the perfect type.  But in most cases, you’re going to want to go with a hardwood material of some sort.  While hardwood can be expensive, nothing will have your home looking nicer, or more well put together.  They provide a great natural wood grain that will allow you to create a great new cozy look to your home.  Plus hardwood is remarkably resilient to scratching, or other types of damage, so that you don’t have to worry about the surface becoming worn or unattractive over the years.

But not everyone has it in the budget to afford a real hardwood floor cabinet, so you may want to consider engineered wood instead.  Typically these aren’t quite as nice looking, but a great design can fool literally anyone.  Typically these are construction from particle board of some type, which is then giving a coating that gives off the look of authentic wood.  Complete with fake wood grains and knots, you’ll be amazed by the look of the furniture, especially when it fools everyone into thinking it’s authentic.  Plus you’ll be paying a lot less for the privilege.  Although you have to be prepared for a shorter cabinet life, as they just aren’t built to last as long as hardwood shelves.

You can usually find a floor cabinet fairly easily, at most department stores.  While they tend to be engineered woods, they are very cheap, and still look fantastic when used in literally any home. You’ll find that everywhere from Sears to Target carries a different type, that could look perfect in your home.  Otherwise you’ll want to visit a more upscale store like Pier 1 or Pottery Barn, to really find a fantastic floor cabinet, that will make the whole room glow in a completely new way.