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Bench Cushions

Floor cushion advice and reviews. Large floor cushions, pillows, covers, platforms, and more.

Buying the right set of bench cushions is a necessity when you’re looking to ensure your benches are as comfortable as possible.   You don’t want to have a fancy wooden bench in your home, or on your porch, that just nobody likes to sit on because of how uncomfortable the wood can become even after just a short time.  But by getting the right type of bench cushions you can ensure that you have just what you need to liven up the surface of your bench a bit more, and also add some comfort for everyone.  There are plenty of types to choose from as well, giving you plenty of chances to dress them up the way that you want.

When you’re after a cushion that you can count on, you want to ensure that you can find the right size for starters, so you want to figure out how large the bench is so you can find a cushion custom made for that length.  That means you actually want to get a feel for length as well as width, so that you can figure out what’s going to fit, and what’s going to fall short, or even be a bit too long.  Otherwise you’re really shopping blind, and when it comes to cushion going by sight usually isn’t always the best bet.  Moreover it can be a handy tactic when you have a corner bench, and are in need of two cushions to go alongside one another.

Of course from there you want to select the right type of bench cushions based upon comfort, as well as the actual style that you’re going for.  For starters you want to ensure that your bench is filled with some type of comfy foam, so that the stuffing won’t lose it’s bounce for as long as possible, which is key to long term bench comfort.  But what’s more you want to ensure that you have the right type of cushion that just has a fancy look that goes with the room.  Whether it’s a solid color that really matches your décor nicely, or if you’re after something more creative like polka dots or stripes, there’s bound to be a fashion out there for you.

When you are after some sort of bench cushions, what you’re also going to find is that you have to purchase an outdoor specific type if you’re going to have your bench outside all the time.  That’s essential, otherwise a little bit of moisture can prove costly, because your cushions can pick up mold in a hurry.  That’s something that you always want to avoid, and that will ensure that you’re able to with waterproof or resistant cushions.  This way, no amount of snow, rain or even morning dew is going to affect your cushion adversely.

In buying the right type of bench cushions, you want to visit the perfect type of dealer as well.  Retailers that carry a lot of patio furniture, like your JC Penney or Sears type stores are usually the best bet, because they are going to have everything you need to outfit any bench.