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Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

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Adding anti fatigue floor mats to your workspace can be an ideal way to stay more comfortable through those long hours of standing.  These are specially made rugs that are ideal for keeping you comfortable, through practically any length of day.  All you have to do is find the right type of anti fatigue floor mats to add to your workplace, to ensure the whole area becomes a much more comfortable place to stand.  There are a few considerations that you’ll need to make, so you’ll want to make your choice carefully, as not every single mat is exactly the same.

The way that anti fatigue floor mats are meant to work, is by allowing your body to comfortably and naturally hold it’s proper shape, while you’re standing.  This way, there’s no risk of improper alignment, and your feet stay comfortable all throughout the day.  Your feet are surprisingly important, when it comes to comfort and properly aligning your back.  Essentially, if your feet aren’t comfortable, you just won’t be able to have a good day, especially when you’re going to be standing.  For that reason, adding anti fatigue floor mats to your kitchen or workspace should be an absolute must, no matter the circumstance.

The first thing that you need to decide upon however, is what size mat you are going to need.  While everyone would love to be able to line an entire workplace with anti fatigue floor mats, that just isn’t realistic, as they aren’t ideal for every single type of use or hardware.  That means you want to specifically target the areas of your job in which you’ll be standing for long periods of time.  If you’re a cashier you want it to be right in front of the register, if you’re a cook, right in front of your prep stations and stoves, and so on and so forth.  Anywhere where you’ll be standing in once place for long periods of time should have an ergonomic mat of some kind.

However, you also need to be careful about the placement of your anti fatigue floor mats, because they are somewhat fragile.  You’ll find that these mats can be broken easily, when used under the wrong circumstances.  They can’t be used in conjunction with wheeled chairs, like in an office, as they can be ripped easily, and you’ll find that they also make wheeling around very difficult, especially when dealing with the commonly used rubber mats.  But you also want to be careful not to use them in an area where heavy machinery is wheeled in or out, or where new supplies need to be carted back and forth, as they don’t combine with any type of wheel very well.

You can usually find anti fatigue floor mats from a wide variety of retailers, and it’s just a matter of visiting the store that’s most convenient for you.  They can easily be found everywhere from Walmart to OfficeMax, and it’s just a matter of finding the type that will fit in your space.  Remember to choose anti fatigue floor mats that are large enough to promote the ideal level off comfort, but you also want them to fit into the space comfortably.