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Floor Cushion

Floor cushion advice and reviews. Large floor cushions, pillows, covers, platforms, and more.

The concept of the floor cushion is one that many people have begun to steadily embrace in recent years.  Many apartment owners use floor cushions as a means of extra seating in their apartments, and it isn’t at all uncommon to see home owners with a floor cushion here and there either.

This is both a decorative piece and a functional piece, and perhaps that’s what makes them so useful.  The floor cushion is both stylish and economical, making them an even more attractive option than chairs or other forms of seating.

We’ve created this site to serve as a resource on the floor cushion.  Whether you’re looking to buy a few for your home, looking to add to your collection and in search of the best floor cushion deals, or simply looking to see if adding some floor seating to your home would be a good idea, we’re here to help guide you in the right direction.

There are so many floor cushions on the market, and much of what you’ll need to know involves knowing where to buy a floor cushion and how much money you should be prepared to spend on one.

Ever since my days in college, I’ve found some great success with the floor cushion.  It’s always been a cheap alternative to something like a chair, especially when I’m dealing with a small space.  With such a wide variety of materials and styles available for purchase, you’re sure to find a floor cushion that matches up with the room you’re looking to put it in.

Floor cushions are also stackable, giving them extra flexibility for those situations where you’re looking to put them around a table that’s simply higher than the top of the floor cushion will go.

Some of the more popular floor cushions on the market are made of the following materials.

Maize floor cushions.  These go really well with rooms that feature a lot of wood.  However, they’re rather hard when it comes down to it, so many people even choose to use these as a form of a mini-coffee table when they’re not sitting on these floor cushions.

Sheepskin floor cushions.  These look beautiful in modern settings, and this plush, warm floor cushion style really adds character to a room.  They often look like pillows and could just as easily go right onto a couch.

Woven floor cushions.  With a modern look, they’re the perfect piece for those occasions where you have more guests over than sitting in your house.  When not in use, this floor cushion will look just as good as a decorative piece, but they can easily be used as seating.

There are many more styles of floor cushion and we’ll be discussing a handful of them with you here.  As far as pricing goes, floor cushions can range in price depending on the material, but you should generally be prepared to spend somewhere between $20 and $100 per floor cushion.

With it, you’ll have a lasting piece of furniture that warms up a room with both style and functionality.